Internal Melt

So caustic I lie within my skin
Each bead leads to unease in heat
Nothing relieves the strain of these days
As desert summers drain me complete

In wills and ways I would spend some days
Meditant and still in how I rest
Yet no sleep to keep, to grasp or clasp
I guess this way is worse but the best

Madness and toil melt in roil
Tilling my mind to implant a seed
Drinking and slinking such as one can
For there is nothing here I would need

To thrive here is a gift ungiven
But I survive as I am bidden

8 – The City Lost

Bones suffer the strain, violent in their cage
Writhe with blood that blots out the sangrophage
Thoughts collide to form visions of their past
Flows as clean as veins can, then overcast
By clots, grotesque from birth to modern age

Noise shatters the scene, breaking in its wakes
Earth to dust and ground that cracks undertakes
Their coffins and live corpses to a grave.
Paths that part and branch en masse misbehave
Yet they cannot hide ways the destined take

Shine brilliant for him, city of the dead
Crypts now void old, young, poor and figurehead
Mad design made to define him as tick;
Bugs on back of light and life majestic
Shy off, away from where the walkways led

Stone caves convert to homes and hovels far
From the beauty that burns at sorrows scar.

The Ageless Tome

Worn on the edges by convulsive hands,
Encased in rough glass shattered into sands,
Recovered swiftly to forbidden lands,
Translated from words no one understands;
Was the tan book there to display its might,
Or inspire fools to chant in the night?

It was insipid to tame the unknown
With that wordless brick of inane old dreams
But some say they skim, mindless to what’s shown
While human thoughts sink in subconscious streams
So that those fools, lost into a nightmare,
Fall farther downward than any beast dare.

Still I read it once, to test present fears
Of community and of my country
Yet, as I thumbed it for strange words to try,
I saw only tan while I held my ears
To stop the ringing that cut through silence
Though not hearing it makes no difference.

7 – Resignation

Murder monsters dance in the thrush
As tumulting shores lap and crush
Echoes return in waves of gray
Each memory leaps to the fray;
Shattered senses start the rush.

Spreading legs whip out and assault;
A missed reunion, the husband’s fault;
Wild jaws crush down and reform;
The forced custody, his daughter’s norm;
Traumas unleashed from their vault

Rage consumes and rewrites his mind;
Violent hands sever weak, dead spines

Complete and Simple Steps

Climbing with unnatural militaristic fervor

Along appropriated reconstructions of terrain

Tunnels recentralizing aforementioned core landscapes

Building as limitations transcendentally refrain

Traps of feet met the streets to show the way

A set of sounds so curt and sound all day

They pass on by all sly and shy in trees

Then round down to the ground to farm in ease

Structures set industrialize habitation complete

Against traditionalized redirections that repeat


The skin wore thin that sun-fueled summer day
Crackling in the dry desert ambiance
Drying sweat that could feign a dalliance
As the first peel rose up in playful sway

Bark born of man shed at a frantic pace
Frightened, I raced hard to some hydration
Reeling mad at each pained step sensation
So much that I fell on my heavy face.

Echoing my spontaneous shedding,
Thundering clouds began their blood-letting.

You Are The Other

Thick and pleasant to the caress it wafts cold in November gloam
Bringing portents to the fall of winter beyond warmth forgotten
The movements sing whispering moans lost in golden and copper cables
Charged with false sin to betray sight, sound and senses ill begotten

So desperate, discarding chains weighing failures of static souls,
Flaring painful in each passing until they all corrupt and numb
Except those lights, birthed by the buzz, starstruck children hued indigo
Stretching strata with heaven’s arms strangling doubts earth-seeds become

The void is real, screaming lightnings, infinite, far into skylines
While chaos ebbs in deep oceans, constant darkness, and solid stone
Still no break stands in awesome strands born of being, bathed in reason
Excised from flesh, and tied to life that blesses minds never alone