A Surreal Introduction

I am a man, yet I am not human

I am a person, yet I am not people

I am telling the truth, but I expound my own truthiness

If all these things make sense to you then you’re in good company

My name is Benjamin French and I write for my own entertainment, or I have, for the past 17 years of my life. I’m coming up on the 18th year and in celebration of my desire to give words their own strange context based on my design and that activity’s ability to now purchase cigarettes and vote in the state of California I am going to actually attempt to sell my work in some format or another, like an adult would.

I will continue to post all of my previous work here from my three old, possibly defunct blogs, as well as some experimental bits and pieces of things from the past, but I also intend to post previews of the work I intend to sell. If I ever meet with the human thing that will present me with publishing and editing options as well as fees, cuts and overall sale platforms…

I digress! Come, pull up a chair, take a read, and if you can’t stand reading then I will slowly be turning my work into audio-casts. Not quite podcasts, not quite audiobooks, but somewhere in-between. For now, enjoy the madness and I will be writing, posting, and provoking whatever insane being conceived this existence more often.


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