Veins and Nerves

Sewing in the red thread throughout
Straight through to the heart it is true
But in arms and legs that support
Taught down so violent and new

What framework before held up now
By crimson bands of denial
In every kiss and word we tore
From pages of lust and trial

Until rage bore deep and banal
So each silk ribbon choked and sapped
Until I severed one by one
Laxing the frame that gave and tapped

Each ruby hole bled, winced and gaped
Into lonely abyss of soul
A body no longer bound there
Yet drippings linger on the whole

The exposed nerves turn red and foul
Plucked end by end in agony
And as the last of them has gone
There is no crueler irony

I became puppet to no one
A statue to a world in awe
Free from that final misery
Left with that old personal flaw


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