I took hold of the cancerous thing tying me to you that I breathed life into and its true that we both knew it could likely continue but I grew far off and into something of a varied hue and nothing new either of us could do would be strong enough to undo the pain that I sew with each passing night in review.

It ripped as I tripped and things slipped past where it tipped and now I shipped all the heaviness gripped on the chain equipped to both hearts stripped of meaning with each blasphemous tug blood from you dripped and humanity from me flipped away as it all chipped in cracks and each one sipped on your blood.

You were a problem but are one no more and never were and I keep murdering myself because its all I know how to do after hurting you. I’m too cowardly to jump off the edge but I will keep cutting until nothing is left.


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