Frustrated and Born Low

Disconcerted and born so low
My weary brow cast off my soul
To apathetic brine below
An eventide broken and foul

Once mournful pledged I was made clean
In fire’s wake with gods serene
Until flame purged my flesh so lean
That bones strode black on curtained scene

Then scents to sway a hunger lost
To chilling gales disquiet tossed,
Past chasms spanned by rime and frost
Disorient each face they crossed

As hallowed soil prey to rot
Bled hearthen smoke the fissures caught
All poise retained was then for naught
When the stone split and showed my lot

Rage bore a light clashed in old fear,
Combated madness so severe,
Relinquished the hate some revere,
But anger scarred with stinging sear


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