As waning stars fell far beneath the sky
And the fading children began to sing
Of losses and life, of remorse and fate
Which upon death rides wild, rampant and hard
And so taking apart reasons we hold.
Sheilds and sacred weapons begin to fall
In chorus that shakes and divides us all
While feeling the sting of refrain sung thus;

“O’ Rider Black, please take us back
To when the stars did rule the sky
When you fly do not break our spears
Like dreams of hope and children’s tears
Wishing to fly, not wonder why
They left us in the gray and black”

So tragic days come where children cry out
For death pervades divine instead of life
While cursing your smoke, your greedy white lie
And staining those most pure bleaches and soaps
And the rhyming’s dying inside my soul
For I cannot maintain foolish old dreams
But fighting your choice and raising my voice
As screaming draws on those shining stars back

“O’ Rider white, please free the night
To when the heavens still could cry
With tears of light and holy might
that could never tell us a lie
For we are children who use sight
To guide us to that starry sky
We don’t care about wrong or right
Because we knew when to ask why”

The future does sing this refrain as new
For old golden glories never come back
And seeing new youth cry, thirsting for change
For they connect, project, protect their things
For this era cannot display its stars
With cafes made stale by wifi phone bars
Where questions they ask are nothing else more
Then reflexs with hands that replaced the chore


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