You Are The Other

Thick and pleasant to the caress it wafts cold in November gloam
Bringing portents to the fall of winter beyond warmth forgotten
The movements sing whispering moans lost in golden and copper cables
Charged with false sin to betray sight, sound and senses ill begotten

So desperate, discarding chains weighing failures of static souls,
Flaring painful in each passing until they all corrupt and numb
Except those lights, birthed by the buzz, starstruck children hued indigo
Stretching strata with heaven’s arms strangling doubts earth-seeds become

The void is real, screaming lightnings, infinite, far into skylines
While chaos ebbs in deep oceans, constant darkness, and solid stone
Still no break stands in awesome strands born of being, bathed in reason
Excised from flesh, and tied to life that blesses minds never alone

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